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Assisting Women in Health and Wellness

Naturopath Consultations

Teresa Alo Naturopath can assist you with your individual health needs.

The consultation involves detailed questionnaire and various procedures, including pathology testing, iridology, pulse and tongue diagnosis, Human body energetic scan, body work and nutritional supplements as required. Every woman is different and is treated according to what they need to achieve. There is no one size fits all and Teresa has worked with many and can tailor a program to suit your specific health needs and to achieve your desired results for ongoing health and wellness.

$150 Initial Consultation 75mins

$100 Follow Up 50mins

$70 Short Review 30mins

 Skype and Phone Consultations also available.

Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage

Enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing massage of your choice. Starting at


$70 for 50mins

Yoga Classes and Meditation

$10 for 60min class

$60 for 60mins private tuition

Contact the clinic for days and times at


Oriental Massage with Acupressure Cupping Moxa

Therapeutic Massage. Excellent for Sciatica, Lower back pain and Neck pain at


Starting at $70 for 50mins

Spiritual Readings & Crystal Healings

When you are needing

guidance and direction in your life or if you have lost someone you love, a Spiritual Reading can help you understand the process and allow healing to commence at


$130 for approx. 75mins

Aromatherapy & Herbal Tonics

Herbal Tonics for Digestive Health and Womens Health. Aromatherapy Blends made to order. Prices vary accordingly.

Practitioner High Quality Products

Practitioner Products are only dispensed with a Professional Consultation with our Naturopath. Contact Us for your appointment


PH: 07 4922 4500


PH: 0418 746 620

Oxidative Stress Test

Oxidative Free radical test and Oxidative radical defence test.

COST  $110 includes information on how to improve your health and reduce your stress levels.


Available in clinic
To measure the good guys (antioxidants) and the bad guys (free radicals), then implement changes to improve your health

For more information on Oxidative Stress

Hair Test 500+

This is a Bio compatible Hair Test. A hair test is sent to a lab and tested for compatibility to over 500 foods and products. The report is returned to you via email with the foods you need to remove from your diet. The program is for a duration of 6 to 9 months.

$275 for the program

$195 for retest