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Primarily assisting Women in Health and Wellness with an invested interest in Womens Mental Health and Wellness. Our clinics are located at Office 4/22 James Street, Yeppoon and Rocky Health Foods Stockland.
We are also available for Phone/Skype consultations.

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Teresa Alo

Teresa Alo, the principal Consultant has a background in nursing and naturopathy.
Teresa decided to embark on a new journey of self discovery. Her passion in the health industry has lead her to complete degrees in Naturopathy and other post graduate study. Teresa’s personal experience in dealing with her own reproductive problems and mental health has allowed her to specialise in this area. Womens Health, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Digestion and Detox are Teresa’s specialised areas.

Teresa has a Bachelor of Natural Science with Honours in Naturopathy and has completed units in the Master of Health Science at University of New England in Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine). She also has qualifications in Level 1 & 2 Yoga, Ballet Barre Teachers, Diploma in Aromatherapy, Homeopathy & Remedial Massage & Ryodoraku Meridian Therapy. Teresa has recently completed the Women’s Health Practitioner Diploma and Accredited Certification in The Experts Program in Women’s Health-Specialising in PCOS, Endometriosis and Infertility (female & male) and Menopause.

Teresa has also completed further study in the Professional Diploma in Medical Nutrition (Bond University) and is able to assist her patients with healthy eating plans in accordance with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

We love what we do.

At Yeppoon Naturopathic Women’s Health Centre we love seeing our patients lives change. We can assist you with your Mental Physical and Emotional Wellbeing. We are a personalised service and we want you to feel amazing.

Teresa utilises equipment that may detect imbalances in the Physical Emotional and Spiritual Body. Scanning equipment is activated by the patient being connected to a computer device. The Consultant then is able to observe areas that need assistance. The body systems that require assistance can be addressed and prioritised. The Consultant can also identify the areas in the physical body that have been affected by negative thought patterns and emotions.

The nutritional issues, environmental issues, hormonal imbalances and allergy sensitivities and much more, can also be be determined and addressed. Along with the various scanning equipment the Consultant also uses other tools such as Pathology, Iridology, Acugraph Meridian Therapy & Pulse and Tongue Observation, Oxidative Stress Testing and a Comprehensive Consultation. The treatment may involve the use of Herbal Medicine, Homeopathics, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and body work if required.

Why Us?

Teresa Alo ‘s professional and personal experience in her own health journey has allowed her to understand her patient’s health problems. Her twenty years of experience and many years of study in this industry is invaluable in addressing her patient’s requirements to improved health. Here at Yeppoon Naturopathic Women’s Health Centre we can devise a health program for you which can focus on your Physical Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. Teresa specialises in Endometriosis, PCOS, Infertility, Menopause, Digestion and Mental Health. Perinatal Nutrition and Wellbeing is so important if you are considering bringing another life into this world.

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Teresa Alo is a Fellow Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.