Group Bookings

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The creation of Group Bookings allows a group of Females to come together via Zoom and/or Face to Face and address all of their concerns with like minded individuals, that are also undergoing the same issues and directed by a Professional Women’s Health Expert.

We will discuss symptoms, pathology required, nutrition, stress, lifestyle, exercise, supplements (including herbals, homeopathies, vitamins and minerals). Basically everything we discuss in a comprehensive Wellness Consultation but in a Group setting.

This allows the individual to know:

  • You are not alone
  • There is professional support
  • The ability to form new connections.

The Cost is also reduced, making this an affordable option to obtain Professional Advice and ongoing support.

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Group Bookings will be performed via Zoom and/or Face to Face.*
*Cost will be determined at time of scheduling

Wellness Consultations are available via Phone and Skype and face to face at the following clinics.

Yeppoon Naturopathic Women’s Health Centre

Office 4/22 James Street, Yeppoon QLD 4703

Monday to Thursday

0418 746 620